Saturday, May 27, 2006


Taz gone :-(

This is actually a sad reason to update.
Tamsin Causer (Taz) of sector eleven died yesterday at Skydive Empuria, Spain. Details here:,,3-2199565_1,00.html

On the 400ways she was with us in our plane as part of the ten or so brits from sector 11.

Condolences to her boyfriend and family!

We will miss you!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


BJ back on skydive radio

Hey folks,
the latest interview with B.J. is on skydiveradio right now. He is talking about the record, the equipment used and all around the whole event.
It still thrills me listening to him and reviving the memories!
sector 10 rocks!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


We did it!!!

Nothing more to say.
Formation was held for over 2 seconds on the third load today. The first had 300+ (or so) with grips, the second 327 with grips and 70 in place and on the third we all just rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!
Party starts right now.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


397 in place

Sorry that i skipped the last three days, but the connection was completely down. I will write probably something about it later.
On our second jump today, we had 327 people with grips and 70 others in place to take grips.
Also it was the first completion in sector 10. We were in slots like forever (10 seconds from video debrief!!!).
So tomorrow should be the day.
Sector 10 rocks!!!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Friday, 02/03

2 jumps, 24000ft, 398 way
On the first jump, nearly all went up and it, well, how should I say, it didn't worked out that well. The base was back where it was on the first jump - way down. Also, probably everybody was a bit overamped . So on jump number 2, again the lines 4 and 5 where asked to sit down.
Unfortunately, world team had a couple of injuries today. At least 1 broken Pelvis and 1 broken ankle.
This day also saw a couple of replacement due to not so good performance - mainly in the 70 way base. Talking about not so good, in our case this means that the expected 120% are probably missed a little bit. All these people are still way better than a lot of us - otherway they wouldn't have been first choice for the base.
In the evening a coupe of us went to a barbecue place and it was really tasty.


Thursday, 02/02

2 jumps, 358 attempt, 23000ft
On the first jump all of sector ten went up with lines 4 and 5 being denied to dock. Jump number 2 saw line 5 back on the ground.
On all jumps we still tend to hang out a little far to the right so everybody gets crunched a little bit.
In the evening worldteam had a short briefing and a great dinner together with the first videos on screen.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Update on Cypress

Unfortunately they are still not working. As we have some spare rigs in our sector (thanks Paratec) and also a really close link to the Thai skydivers (thanks Rob) we might be able to get everyone still dressed up.
Rob is also doing a really great job with his daily stretching class. If we are getting bigger every morning like we did over the last two days, we probably need to go to the creeping area by Friday.
Talk to you later,


Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Wednesday, 01feb06 - The first 5 herc formation with skydivers ever

Hey all, today the world could see the first 5plane formation with C-130 and skydivers on board. What a view!
The base and all first three whackerlines did two jumps today. It looked great.
On the first load, the planes where fully filled with all 400 skydivers. The plan was, to have two jumpruns at !!!23.000!!! ft. On the first run the above mentioned group should exit, on thesecond a kind of funky looking formation with a base and whacker lines 4 and 5 attached. Unfortunately we had one problem on that second jumprun (one jumper got hypoxic) so it was aboarded about 40 second before exit. On the way down (after some 40 min. total at that altitude) we had 6 Vigils fired due to pressurization of the cargo bay. Also a couple of Cypress becam affectet in the way that they are right now "dead". A guy of Airtec is already on the plane to Thailand to check them (Thank you).
On the second flight we just had on jumprun, so that unfortunately the lines 4 and 5 didn't get any jump today.
Sector ten still rocks and there is kind of a internal challenge between us and sector 9, as these two sectors have been really good in 2004 and of course want to live by that standard. But don't get this wrong, we arew still one great team just trying to push the limit.

P.S. As I know that we have at least one reador in Canada: Your husband is really a great person.

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